Strategic Contract Staffing

IT Contract Staffing Services

Regardless of the time-frame behind a contract assignment, MavTech will work with you to make sure that the IT position is filled in a quick and efficient manner that is equally mutual to both the client and the IT professional. Our core in the information technology space is recruiting, where we work one-on-one with hiring managers to make sure that IT staffing goals and needs are aligned with the IT professionals we recruit for the positions.

IT contracting offers a complete spectrum of flexibility, which makes contracting ideal and beneficial to clients and IT professionals alike. For our clients, contract staffing allows companies to focus on projects and deliverables, stay within budget spend, scale up or down current staff, and improve project completion with the right technical staff. For our IT professionals, contract staffing allows flexibility for those not looking for a full time position or long term commitment. Contract staffing also lets our IT professionals learn in different environments and get exposure to different skill sets.

MavTech works with both sides, employers and job seekers alike, to make sure goals and needs are met quickly to help minimize costs and start creating connections. We get to know everyone involved in the process, because the more we know, the better we can connect people with people, not resumes with companies.

Improved productivity

You can face significant ramp-up time while full-time employees learn new technologies. MavTech eases the transition with highly skilled consultants who have the business knowledge and technical expertise to move your organization ahead and meet project targets.

It's about talent.

Whatever your immediate need, we've got the ability and capacity to take on the challenge. We have access to highly-skilled professionals from a broad spectrum of disciplines -- IT, accounting & finance, life sciences, engineering, legal, construction and just about any industry niche you can name. Have a complex or multiple staffing needs? We can assemble an entire team to tackle the assignment.

MavTech Solutions as HR Business partner, & role.

Identifying high-level talent management gaps and developing appropriate Strategies using strategic staffing/workforce planning, working with managers on an ongoing basis to:

  • Identify critical staffing issues and implications
  • Define staffing requirements
  • Study & gather inputs regarding turnover scenarios.
  • Review staffing model output and develop staffing strategies
  • Work with managers to define realistic staffing action plans.