Enterprise Practices

App Integration and Analytics

MavTech has the most comprehensive connectivity capabilities for application integration in the market today. Our pre-built connectors allow customers to rapidly integrate their SaaS applications to other applications or to on-premises systems. You need more than just middleware. MavTech has the tools you need to integrate the disparate applications, processes and databases that drive your business including code-free business process integration for business analysts, flexible customized applications and productive middleware for exchanging data between applications.

Our business integration, process management and development solutions fulfill organizational needs by providing them the ability to handle the unending stream of business challenges. Utilizing our Application Integration solution, Organizations can quickly and easily align business needs with their IT infrastructure. Organizations can deploy new business processes, create new composite applications and implement more flexible service-oriented architectures (SOA) that help reduce operational costs and improve internal operations.

Effective application integration can provide your organization with the following important business benefits:

  • Introduce new applications and technologies more efficiently and at a lower cost
  • More easily modify and automate business processes to meet new needs
  • Provide more delivery channels for your organization
  • Replacing batch processing with real-time communication
  • Linking back-office and ERP systems to new applications like CRM
  • Sharing data between IBM i, Windows and Web applications via EDI, XML or Web services
  • Integrate with Java applications from a legacy system
SOA/Web Services

MavTech is an active participant in service oriented architecture (SOA), a growing industry trend. We have developed tools, products and components, accelerated development toolkits and built domain knowledge to realize this paradigm shift.

An SOA leverages open standards to represent all software assets and services, including legacy applications, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems, custom development applications, J2EE/.NET components, CORBA objects, EDI and Web Services, to name a few. Such an approach provides users with a standard way to represent and interact with software assets without spending time working with unique interfaces and low-level APIs.

MavTech has selectively invested in this new technology and developed tools and components that provide the means to accelerate SOA development and deployment. Our code-generation toolkits, out-of-the-box adapters for end-point connectivity and management and orchestration tools can execute complex composite processes.