Application Development & Maintenance

Application Development and Maintenance Services from MavTech offer the full scope of services to improve your return on IT spend.

In today's highly competitive global market, every company faces issues of controlling management costs and increasing revenues by balancing internal resources and outsourcing. Hence, an increasing number of offshore development centers (ODCs) built upon real-time network communication in India, China and Eastern Europe have become a strategic choice for large global companies. These ODCs help companies overcome the following challenges:

Reduce development costs- Transfer from legacy system to a new technology platform; Customization development integrated with ERP system; Data mining and migration for new business services; Release key internal resources through offshore development; Develop lifecycle management of key business processes with software. Reduce development costs through establishing and constantly optimizing a complete service model that combines on-site, near-shore and offshore development centers.

We offer a wide range of application development and maintenance services for various industries Worldwide Such as Banking & Financial Services, Energy & Utilities, Government, Education, & Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution, Technology, Telecommunication & Mobile, Travel & Transportation

MavTech offers clients these important benefits:
  • Reduced fixed and variable costs: Typically, offshore development costs 50% less than local development. Clients also enjoy lower costs of local training, human resources, recruiting and administration.
  • 24/7 development and support: Greater speed to market, increased responsiveness and improved customer satisfaction are goals we share with our clients.
  • Broader access to talent: Offshore providers recruit highly educated staff and invest significantly in training.
  • Focus on core competencies: Shifting nonstrategic areas of business offshore clarifies core businesses and makes scarce resources more available.